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SHANGHAI UNITED LAW FIRM(“SHULF”), founded in 1984, has long been recognized as a prestigious law firm providing comprehensive legal services in China.

Rooted in litigation and corporate legal services, SHULF has accumulated a wealth of professional experience and attained our unique advantage, in virtue of our nearly three decades of practice in the Chinese legal market. In the meantime, with “united we stand” in mind, we integrate our experience with clients’ request and industry characteristics and strive to provide our clients with holistic legal services and solutions, so as to satisfy our clients’ legal concerns in every aspect.  

Over the years, our solid and meticulous practice style, as well as our effective and efficient quality service, has been not only recognized by our clients, but also repeatedly awarded, among others, “National Outstanding Law Firm” and Municipal Advanced Unit.

Nationwide, we have founded the high-caliber attorneys’ association, the Grand Compass Law Alliance with a dozen of “National Outstanding Law Firm” from major cities; internationally, as a member of ADVOC, we have established close relationship with law firms around the world. Through close cooperation and interactive communication with the alliances, we furnish our clients, home and abroad, with better legal services in terms of region, industry, and scope.


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