SHULF has long helped factoring business for Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Xiamen Bank. Our services include drafting and revising credit granting documents, legal assessment for receivables, supervision and management, claim liquidation, and recourse execution.

With the open-up of commercial factoring, we provide complete and sophisticated schemes for commercial factoring, with our solid financial and professional legal knowledge. At the set-up phase, in view of our long term network in the business and good relationship with the government, we accelerate application for commercial factoring of our clients in pilot areas. At the operation phase, our factoring team provide commercial factoring companies with legal assessment, risk prevention and control, system design, document protection, enforcement supervision, debt collection, litigation, and other remedies, in order to address with the different industry risk and variety of legal issues of the innovative financial product, commercial factoring, in leasing, medical, logistics, aviation, construction, education, real estate, utilities, and other industries.

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