Media and Entertainment

SHULF is one of the most well recognized law firms in Shanghai.

We have long served as the legal advisor for Shanghai Media Group, New Newspapers Group, Modern Family, Reader's Digest, and other well-known media.

Our services for media and entertainment include:

?  Drafting legal documents regarding or related to copyright;

?  Handling copyright registration for various works (including software works);

?  Copyright licensing and transfer;

?  Investment and filming (including movies, TV dramas, and animations);

?  Performance management and extended development works.


          We are also frequently involved in the recording of renowned TV programs and radio broadcast for high profile news, comment, society and law. In “Citizen and Society”, “In and Out of Court”, “Case Focus”, "Seeing the World", "Oriental Barrister", "Spiritual Garden", “Impression Today" and other well-known TV programs and radio broadcast, the outstanding appearance of our experts has been highly recognized. Our expert opinions on hot issues are frequently sought after by Xinmin Evening News, Shanghai Legal News, Democracy and Rule of Law, Labor News, China Business News, Shanghai Morning Post, Oriental Sports Daily and other media.
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