Management of State-owned Asset

SHULF has long served for state-owned enterprises and institutes, providing a full range of legal services.

We are legal counsel for state-owned assets administrative bureaus and agencies such as Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (Shanghai SASAC), Shanghai Fengxian Agricultural Zone Management Committee, Shanghai Financial Association, formulating policies and providing legal advice and assistance.

United was commissioned by Shanghai SASAC to amend and perfect the Articles of Association of SOEs affiliated to Shanghai SASAC. We also provided special legal services for restructuring “Phoenix” bicycle business (SH.600697) for Jinshan Development

Our professional services include:

? Delimitation of Property Rights

-   Issuing legal memorandum for property rights delimitation;

-   Delimitating property rights for state-owned assets in SOE, collective, foreign investment, joint-equity, and joint venture companies, as well as right to manage and right to use;

-   Delimitating state owned units;

-   Delimitating property rights alteration in merger, division, and transfer of SOE;

-   Delimitating property rights for inter-provinces state-owned assets;


? Equity Transaction

-   Reviewing equity, assignment, and transfer of the enterprise, issuing legal memo;

-   Reviewing property rights for M&A, assets restructuring, shareholding reform, issuing legal memo;

-   Providing feasibility scheme, contracts and other legal documents for equity transactions;

-   Assisting in property brokerage, financial auditing, and assets assessment, reviewing capacities of relevant agencies and their work reports;

-   Providing legal opinion on asset transferring and assignment;


? Disputes

-   Consultation, negotiation or reconciliation;

-   Complaint or answer for property disputes;

-   Application for and participation in administrative review;

-   Application in court for ruling enforcement;


? Management for State-owned Enterprises

-   Planning and drafting for SOE reform;

-   Restructuring assets, personnel., and claims and obligations for SOE reform;

-   Corporate governance and internal control setup;

-   Liquidation and personnel placement.


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