Real Estate

As an early legal service provider in the real estate development and construction, SHULF has rich experience in real estate and infrastructure construction and our seasoned real estate lawyers have been involved in development, transaction, financing, and operations for many large scale construction and real estate projects.

We have provided quality full services for many real estate conglomerates, such as Shanghai Pudong Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Cred Real Estate Stock Co., Ltd.,.

Our services include:

?   Compensation

-  Housing expropriation and compensation for state-owned land;

-  Compensation scheme hearing for old city rebuild;

-  Administrative review and litigation for expropriation and compensation;

-  Dispute resolutions for state-owned idle land retrieval;

-  Housing expropriation and compensation for collective-owned land;

-  Expropriation, restitution, and compensation for companies and individuals;


?   Land Development and Management

-  Transfer, contribution, and cooperation for land use rights;

-  Mortgage for land use right and construction in progress;

-  Development and construction for condominiums and affordable housing;

-  Land planning, development, and investment for industrial parks, high-tech zones, and free trade zones;

- Renovation and continued construction for suspended or postponed construction projects;


?   Real Estate M&A/Project Transfer

-  Overall assets transfer for real estate projects;

-  Transfer of construction in progress;

-  Equity or project transfer for real estate enterprises;

-  Real estate M&A and tax plan;


?   Real Estate Financing

- Real estate mortgage financing, syndicated loans;

- Real estate investment trusts (REITs);

- Real estate trust products;

- Real estate private equity fund;

- Real estate finance lease;


?   Real Estate Leasing  and Sales

-  Commercial condominium leasing and sale;

-  State-owned condominium sales, leased property transfer and sublease;

-  Sales and leasing for standardized industrial plants and logistics warehouses of all types of business zones

-  Research and development of industrial zones, sales and leasing for office properties and affiliates;


?   Property Management Services

-  Negotiation and execution for preliminary property services contract;

-  Drafting for Rules of Owners’ General Assembly Procedure, Community Management, and Owner’s Pledges;

-  Assisting in undertaking obligations for owners general assembly and committee;

-  Recruiting and discharging property service company and personnel;


?   Infrastructure Construction

-   Development, construction, and operation of infrastructures, utilities, and municipal works;

-   Screening for franchise agreements and operation management providers;

-   Plan for contracts and business modules for project investment, financing, and security, drafting of all types of legal contracts;


?   Permanent Legal Advisor for Real Estate and Construction Companies

-   Legal training for project managers, legal staffs, and other personnel;

-   Liquidation of corporate claims, settlement negotiation;

-   Evaluation and supervision for contract performance of project contracting and subcontracting, drafting of risk precaution and control;

?   Dispute Resolution

-   Security document review for real estate advance payment and project warranties;

-   Risk control for construction (progress) payment, modification of construction plan, and price adjustment;

-   Indemnities and counter-indemnities for construction costs and duration;

-   Dispute resolution for acceptance, settlement, and payment for construction projects of all kind;

-   Dispute resolution for collaboration of real estate companies and shareholders;

-   Real estate sale and quality disputes;

-   Disputes and litigations for various property service contracts.

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