SHULF has been active in the futures markets since early nineties. We have provided legal services for Shanghai Nadu, Shenhua, Shanghai Tonglian Futures Co. Ltd., CITIC Newedge, and many other futures companies, improving futures contracts and addressing trading disputes.

Our attorneys, Mr. ZHU Hongchao and Mr. BEI Zhengming used to serve as legal advisors for the Shanghai Commodity Exchange; Mr. BEI is also appointed as expert committee member for Shanghai Futures Exchange and Supervision Commission.

Our services for the futures market include:

?   Providing legal advice for futures development, contract design, and rulemaking;

?   Drafting and signing futures brokerage contract and providing legal advisory;

?   Providing legal advice and evaluation for trade events in futures market;

?   Representing in futures disputes, mediation, and arbitration.

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