Private Equity

SHULF enjoy profound experience in private equity. Through long-term professional services to our clients (including investors and investees) and accumulation via various types of transactions at different phases, we have formed a complete service system for private equity.

We have served SAIF Partners Asian Investment Funds, Zhejiang Zhongzhengdadao Investment and Management Co., Ltd., Comway Capital (Group) Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Wells Fargo Investment and Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai NewMargin Ventures, Shanghai Carry Dream Equity Investment Co.Ltd., Shanghai Hinwill Investment Co., Ltd. and other investment institutions; we also have provided legal services for establishing and increasing placement for Jiuding Capital and other funds.

Our services include:

?   Establishing and reporting private equity funds and venture capitals;

?   Feasibility report on investment projects;

?   Exit for private equity fund and venture capitals;

?   mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and listing of investment company;

?   Crisis management and corporate control plan for investment projects;

?   Equity remedies and disputes.

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