Sports Events

SHULF has provided legal services for all types of sports events and has accumulated a wealth of professional experience.

We have been appointed as permanent legal advisor for Shanghai Sports Competition Management Center, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. and other professional sports organizations. We have provided full legal service for 2007 Special Olympics, Shanghai Golden Grand Prix, IAAF Diamond League Competition (Shanghai Station), the 14th FINA World Championships, Shanghai International Marathon, and many other major sports events.

Our legal services for sports events include:

?   Event bidding phase: negotiations, documents drafting/ revision with organizers / professional associations ;

?   Event planning phase: investment bidding, program planning, sponsorship agreement drafting/revision;

?   Event hosting phase: drafting/revising legal document for activities and publicities promotion, derivative market development and marketing;

?   Establishment and enforcement of event IP protection system as well as confidential scheme;

?   Legal remedies, litigations, and dispute resolutions of event interests.


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