Foreign Investment

SHULF provides legal services covering all stages for foreign investment in China, including:

?  Initial phrase: project site assessment, policy advisory, government consultations, legal documents drafting, application, and relevant set up procedures;

?  Operation phraseinternal rules and regulations setup, personnel management, internal training, the legal documents of the foreign headquarters localization, contract templates drafting and audit;

?  Share transfer or liquidation; various types of disputes for foreign investment enterprises.


We have provided legal services regarding their investment in China for joint ventures such as Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai Sharp, Yanfeng Johnson, Pentair (Pentair), as well as for global industry leading enterprises such as Accor, ITT Corporation, RR Donnelley Printing Company, Demag, Glaston, Norske Skog Group, REC Wafer Group, Buhler, Nilfisk.

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