We provide full services for financial institutes.

We are permanent legal advisor for Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, Standard Chartered Bank Shanghai Branch, Minsheng Bank, and Xiamen Bank.

We also provide special legal services for many financial institutes, including Bank of China Shanghai Branch, Jinshan Jinkai Microcredit Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinkai Financing Guarantee Inc., Ta Chong Bank  (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.. Our services include:

?   2007 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank: RMB 2 billion package disposal project for special financial assets;

?   2008 Standard Chartered Bank Shanghai Branch: legal proceedings for loan recourse and collection for special assets;

?   2010 Bank of China Shanghai Branch: RMB 2 billion syndicated loan projects for large community affordable housing at Zhuguang Rd;

?   2011 Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank: trade financing, documents, and transaction review;

?   2011 Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank: disposal of repossessed assets (equity);

?   2011 Jinshan Jinkai Microcredit Co., Ltd.: litigation for loan recourse;

?   2012 Xiamen Bank: drafting and review of credit business contract and supporting documents.

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