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Juemin Gao

Ms. Gao Juemin is partner of Shanghai United Law Firm

Practice Areas

Ms. Gao Juemin specializes in civil & commercial handlings and dispute
resolution services, especially concentrating on the area of contract,
corporate, tortious disputes, securities compensation, IPR, loan, Real Estate,
construction and comprehensive handlings for bulky disputes and etc


Professional Experience

In 2000, Ms. Gao Juemin joined Shanghai United Law Firm. 
Ms. Gao has participated and handled a number of domestic and foreign
influential dispute resolution cases, including but not limited to Korean
Airline Aircraft Mass Compensation, IVECO Shareholder Derivative Actions, Compensation
Actions arising from ‘Zhongkechuang’ Share Price Manipulation, Starbucks Trademark
Action, Actions for Determining Anonymous shareholder Right  and Trussardi Trademark Infringement handling.

Ms. Gao Juemin is skilled in providing practical handlings and representing clients in the administrative litigation and reconsideration, AIC action for trademark infringement and filing complains with Public Security Organs. Ms. Gao Juemin is further expert in designing comprehensive handling plans and settlement means.

Ms. Gao Juemin has good communication skills, excellent legal insights for cases, solid legal
expertise and strict professional attitude.  Ms. Gao Juemin dedicate to providing the most suitable, effective legal service for the clients.


Bachelor of Law
Degree, East China University of Political Science and Law


Professional Associations

1.     Member of All-China Bar Association and Shanghai Lawyers

2.     Commissary of the Corporate Insolvency& liquidation Committee
of the Shanghai Bar Associate

3.     Commissary of the Trust Committee of the Shanghai Bar


Language Skills

English and Chinese

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